Hotel Oyster

Currently, we have ONLY two restaurants operating; one is in Hesaraghatta, and another is in Soladevenahlli.

Hotel Oyster Mushrooms is the favorite destination for food for people visiting Hesaraghtta lake, Hesaraghatta grassland, and also who are passing by.

We have 50-plus mushroom foods on our menu ranging from soups to snacks to main courses to combo foods. In fact, we can cook every non-veg food substituting with mushrooms.


The restaurant is located just beside Hesaraghatta Main Road.

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  • Hotel Oyster Mushrooms, Kodgi Tirumalpura, Hesaraghatta - 560089
  • +91-9483861120



  • Hesarghatta Main Road village, opp. bescom, Soladevanahalli, Karnataka 560090
  • +91-9449445453